• Blissful Braj Vrindavan -
    Art on Canvas

    Sense his presence with every breath
    Experience the sheer joy and ecstasy of Krishna childhood through our vibrant art of blissful moments.

Who in India has not been hypnotised by Krishna's childhood? His माखन चोरी, his बाल लीला have found devotees across all barriers of region, geography and even faiths.

Surdas' imagery in मैया मोरी मैं नहीं माखन खायो has mesmerised us for centuries as has Mirabai's श्याम पिया मोरी रंग दे चुनरिया; Raskhan, born in present day Afghanistan, became a Krishna devotee and a masterly exponent of बृज काव्य। Sample this: मानुस हौं तो वही रसखान, बसौं मिलि गोकुल गाँव के ग्वारन।

Hindi films too have had celebrated writers like Shailendra weaving their magic around मनमोहना बड़े झूठे while a more contemporary Javed Akhtar framed the eternal appeal of an adolescent Krishna with राधा ने माला जपी श्याम की।  

Geographically, the entire region covering Krishna's birth to adolescence is known as बृज. After painstaking research, we have identified locations commonly regarded by experts as having been the sites of young Krishna's exploits. We are happy to present a Map titled The Blissful Braj Vrindavan, which clearly identifies all the locations. It has very modern features such as QR codes associated with places to help you navigate the popular pilgrimage known as the Braj Circuit. Don't delay, grab your copy today.

Experience a magnificent fusion of Culture and Technology,
designed to enrich not only your surroundings but also
elevate your spiritual well-being.

  • Shows the sacred 84 Kos Parikrama
  • Printed and designed beautiful backdrop canvas with a nice textured feel and antique-styled cartography
  • Shows the sacred sites, forests and lakes of Braj Bhoomi associated with Krishna's life
  • Featuring the holy cities that hold great importance in the 84 Kos Parikrama
  • Find QR Codes associated with places to help you navigate the popular pilgrimage known as the Braj Circuit..
  • Created using advanced geospatial technology to show scaled map in both Kos and Kilometres

The Blissful Braj Vrindavan - Art on Canvas, illustrates an integral part of Lord Krishna's life, from his birth to his childhood.

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  • Extraordinary life lived by Shri Krishna

    Will remind you of the blissful childhood of Krishna

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