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Shri Krishna lived an extraordinary life from his remarkable birth in Mathura to eventually becoming a mistaken victim of an ordinary hunter in Bhalka. Lore and legend have added so many dimensions to Krishna's persona.

For every place with a genuine claim to association with Krishna, there are perhaps ten others keen to bask in the reflected glory of an undoubtedly extraordinary life. Sifting through all such claims is a very tedious task and after due diligence, we at Mappls Sanskriti have identified 16 places with indisputable association with Shri Krishna.  

These places have been mapped out in our classic 'Footprints of Krishna' Art on Canvas. It is sure to broaden your understanding of Krishna. Buy now!  

Unique features of Footprints of
Krishna - Art on Canvas

Shows India’s Map from Dwapur Yug- something most may have not seen before
Printed and designed on a beautiful backdrop canvas with nice textured feel and antique styled cartography
Shows erstwhile entities in their original names and their current name, making the map historically relevant
Gives a quick refresher about Krishna's life, with location & descriptions of key events
Unveiling the Divine Path: Embark on Krishna's Sacred Journey

The Map on 'Footprints of Krishna' marks out the important places where legend and lore talk of the great deeds of Shri Krishna. Our epics are masterpieces of practical wisdom on how to live.

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  • Extraordinary life lived by Shri Krishna

    Will remind you of the extraordinary life lived by Shri Krishna

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Available in English as a Beautiful
Roll Up Canvas or Canvas Only

Footprints of Krishna - Art on Canvas | Roll Up
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Footprints of Krishna - Art on Canvas | Canvas Only
36” x 24”
*Delivery within 7-10 days

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